Her Hairy Pussy and My Pickup Girls

Pretty brunette with full breasts and pubic hairs.

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The day started not very good for me and Edik today but very soon the things went better cause we met a pretty long haired brunette Darina that was looking for a mini skirt and let us help her.

She shamelessly told us much interesting about her private and sexual life and even showed us her tits in the café!

This fact turned us on so much that we quickly talked her into fuck for money in the public toilet where her pussy got packed and her anal hole got deflowered by my dick!

Their English may not be the best in town but the pickup artists are funny.

The girls are pretty.

The scenes look real.

And though we’d rather be known for our eye for beauty than for our predictive abilities we’ll take a stab at soothsaying and declare that My Pickup Girls scenes will become cult classics.

The glimpses of life in Eastern Europe are themselves worth the price of admission.

Disclaimer – We admit to having a crush on the girl in the Shameless Brunette Screwed episode. Pretty long haired brunette with exposed buttocks.

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“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”

A beautiful nude brunette is climbing up a swimming pool ladder.

Follow in the text and repeat after us as we learn five new words in French:

“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”

“Voo-Lay Voo Koo-Shay Ah-Vay Mw-ah”

It means “Would you sleep with me?”

Explicite Art is the brain-child of a French television reporter who quit his job and changed his name to John B. Root and began making beautifully filmed very dirty movies.

From the looks of the trailer for his new movie there doesn’t seem to be much sleeping going on.

We see lustful men and wanton women engaged in decadent debauchery and all the while appearing to have a considerable amount of fun.

The trailer begins near the middle of this page. It’s a WMV clip that says, “Click to Play.”

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Cover of joymii's  'Lexi S TOY' gallery. Full breasted blond tilts her head back as her torso arches backwards and sideway to her right.

It is no coincidence that the masturbating beauties at the new website joymii are FEMJOY quality beauties because joymii is from the same eyes-for-beauty artists that have been delivering stunning beauty after stunning beauty at FEMJOY.

This incarnation ups the ante with photo sets and videos of the cover model beauties working themselves to an orgasm with dildos as in this video of the darling brunette Suzie.

Along with sets of pretty girls doing things to themselves there are photos and videos of pretty girls doing things to each other that would be properly called “lesbian activity.”

A beautiful nude young woman with full breasts and bright red hair leans against a white pillar.

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Bob Coulter’s CrAZyBaBe is a fun and lighthearted look at the darker side of New York City’s wild and wacky women.

Prior to taking colorful pictures of colorfully naked big city women, Bob Coulter was (and remains) a musician. He has produced records for Red Hot Chili Peppers, B52s and Keith Richards.

You will know you have approached the frontier of an alternate universe at the entry page of CrAZyBaBe.

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