Helen Stephens Spanked By Man Wearing Suit & Lucy Lauren’s Butt Meets Ping Pong Paddle

Helen Stephens is on her belly lying across the lap of a man wearing a business suit who is spanking her butt with his bare hands.Stunning Helen Stephens returns to The Institute to earn more money researching the effectiveness of corporal punishment.

ping pong paddle blonde a bit of her pussy is showing where her panties are pulled to the side.It’s just about getting the job done.

Confidential training information is leaking from a top racing stable and pretty groom Lucy Lauren has been tasked to find the source.
But in Racing Stables Discipline, boss Zoe Page is keen to reinforce her warnings with a sound spanking.
Lucy is soon bent over a desk for her bare cheeks to be spanked with a ping pong paddle – hard!

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