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As Katty Muss was enjoying a snack of delicious passion fruit she remembered an incident that had occurred the last time she tasted the fruit. She pulled her panties up between her beautifully hairy pussy lips resulting in a sudden orgasm that caused her to let loose of the fruit so that it tumbled down her voluptuous torso.
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After cleaning herself up, Katty settled back into the patio chair. She shifted her weight, crossing her legs and then spreading them.
The chair embraced her, molding to the contours of her body. She tilted her head, eyes closed and mouth open; as if absorbing the light itself.

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But comfort eluded her. Her thoughts danced like fireflies, flitting from one memory to another. Complexities weighed on her—dreams unfulfilled, paths untaken. She yearned for clarity, for a moment of respite from the ceaseless whirlwind of existence.

The table beckoned from across the patio—an unusual sanctuary of dreams.

Katty has one foot on the floor and a knee on a patio table

Katty, a vision of ethereal beauty, graced the patio with her presence. Her long, golden-blond hair cascaded down her back like a sun-kissed waterfall. Each strand seemed to hold a secret, whispering tales of sunsets and summer breezes.

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“Como te llamas, baby?” she whispered as if addressing the universe itself. And in that moment, Katty knew that comfort wasn’t a fixed destination—it was the journey, the ever-changing positions of the soul.

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Patti’s Spanked Butt

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This story began at Patti’s Touched Butt and continues from On Brad’s Lap.

Patti looks up at Brad and in a low quivering voice says, “You’re going to . . . spank my butt?”

Patti takes a few deep breaths and changes the question to a demand and says, “Spank my butt.”

“I’ll give you some room to work, Brad.” Peggy says as she moves down the sofa.

As Brad rubs Patti’s belly and runs his fingers inside her jeans to unfasten them he says to Peggy, “Kneel on the floor in front of us.”

Peggy does as she’s told. Kneeling on the floor, she unbuttons her blouse so Brad can see her with her bra pulled up over her breasts the same way he left it.

Brad gets an arm under Patti’s legs and lifts her up and pulls her jeans down to the middle of her thighs.

He lifts the elastic of her panties and peeks inside and moves his hand inside her panties and gives her pubic hair a tug then pulls his hand out and leaving her panties on gets his arms under her and rolls her on his lap until she is tummy down and butt up.

Brad puts his hand on her rear end, squeezes her butt cheeks through her panties, gives them a shake then lifts his hand and brings it down with a slap.

Patti lets out a high pitched “Ooo!”

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Brad pulls her panties down enough to completely uncover her ass.

Putting his hand on her butt he says, ”I’d rather play with your ass than spank it.”

Patti says in a low, dirty growl, “You promised to spank my butt.”

“That’s right Brad! I’m down here for the show.” Peggy says, needling him with both a smile and a frown.

Brad raises his hand again and brings in down with a hard slap.

Patti lets out a loud, “Oh!” pauses a moment turns her head and looks at him and says, “Do it again.”

Brad lets loose with a loud stinging slap.

Patti says, whimpering, “Spank my dirty butt.”

Brad begins a series of strong loud slaps to Patti’s bare butt and with each slap Patti lets out a yelp and says, “Spank my butt!”

After the penultimate slap, Patti says softly, “One more.”

Brad administers the final slap on Patti’s reddened ass cheeks.

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She looks back at him with dreamy eyes and a shy smile and says:

“Thank you.”

“Thank you.”

Brad says, “What are you going to do to thank me?”

Patti pushes herself up and says, “Scooch under my face and I’ll kiss your prick..”

Brad moves over a bit so his lap is below Patti’s head.

Patti bends down and gives Brad’s dick a quick kiss through his pants. She pushes herself up so she is kneeling next to Brad and reaches down and unbuttons his pants and pulls his zipper down.

She turns to Peggy and says, “Pull his pants down.”

Peggy leans forward gets her hands inside Brad’s pants and says, “Lift up.”

Brad lifts himself up and Peggy pulls his pants down to his ankles.

This story will continue.

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On Brad’s Lap

This story began at and continues from Patti’s Touched Butt

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“Wiggle your butt and stick your tongue in my ear.”

Patti begins to wiggle her butt on Brad’s hard thick penis. She leans closer to his head and sticks her tongue in his ear.

Brad’s puts his hand between her legs and begins rubbing her thigh.

Patti’s breathing and “mmmm” noise is even louder than it was when Brad told her to sit on his lap.

Peggy is watching them with a mixture of hurt, envy and excitement.

“How much farther are you going to go with him, Patti?”

Patti continues wiggling her soft ass on Brad’s stiff dick. She pulls her tongue out of his ear and begins to give him the same kind of loud smoochy kisses on his cheek that he had given her and then begins alternating between licking his ear and smooching his cheek.

Brad looks at Peggy and extends his hand out for her to hold. She walks the few steps to the sofa and takes hold of his hand.

With her hand in his, he guides her to sit on the sofa next to them. Peggy looks nervous and cross as she sits and says, “Now what?”

Brad brings his hand to her hair and twirls it as he sticks his finger in her ear. He pulls her head closer to his mouth and sticks his tongue in her other ear.

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He takes his finger out of her ear and sticking his hand under her blouse runs his hand up her back and unhooks her bra and pulls it up over her breasts.

Brad moves his hand to her breasts and begins moving his hand from beast to breast lightly pinching and twisting her nipples.

As he plays with Peggy’s nipples, Brad moves the hand that has been rubbing Patti’s leg further up her thigh

Patti pulls her tongue out of Brad’s ear and says in a breathy whisper too soft for Peggy to hear, “Move your hand higher.”

Brad keeps his hand where it was on her thigh but extends his finger toward her clitoris and begins deftly flicking it.

At the first flick on her clit Patti throws her head back and lets out a loud moan.

She cries out:

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“Oh you, man!

You man!

You’re touching my pussy!”

Patti’s ecstasy has freed Brad to move his head away from Peggy’s ear and down to her breasts. He takes a nipple in his mouth and sucks it hard as he twists it around with his tongue.

As Patti continues to moan and whimper while Brad has his way with her pussy, Peggy teasingly echos her sister saying:

“Oh you, man!

You man!

You’re sucking my titty!”

Despite the intensity of the situation she is in, Patti keeps her sense of humour and says through her moans, “Shut up, Peggy.”

Matching the good humor mixed with high sexual tension Brad pulls away from Peggy’s nipple, stops flicking Patti’s pussy and says, “You shouldn’t talk to your sister like that.

You need to have your butt spanked!”

Their story continues at Patti’s Spanked Butt.

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Patti’s Touched Butt

“He touched my butt!”

“Patti! Why do you get yourself into situations like that?”

“I stopped at the store because Paula wanted me to pick something up. He was standing ahead of me at the counter and we started talking. When I got outside he was waiting for me and he kept talking to me as I walked back to the car. He put his hand on my butt and held it there and told me he wanted to see me tomorrow.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, OK.”

“You slut!! After all the stories we’ve heard about that man? . . . How could you? … Why would you?”

“I’m a girl and he’s a man, Peggy”

Hot Crazy Mess Hand On Butt

You are a tramp!”

“A tramp. A slut. A whore. A whatever. I have a date tomorrow with a man who wants me.

Do you?”

“No Patti, I don’t have a date tomorrow with a man who wants you. But I have a date tonight with a man who wants me.”

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“Who are you going to get it on up with tonight? Brad?”

“I like Brad, Patti. He has a penis that pleases me.”

There are three loud knocks on the door.

On the first knock Peggy says, “That’s Brad!”

Peggy opens the door and takes Brad by the hand. “Come inside.”

She puckers her lips; then smiles and says, “Are you going to kiss me in front of my sister?”


Brad lifts Peggy up and plants a long smoochy kiss on her warm lips.

“That was a sweet and sexy kiss!” Peggy pants.

“There’s more where that came from.”

Brad looks at Patti who is staring at the floor.. “Hey Patti. How are you this evening?”

Patti gives a soft and sexy, “Hi Brad”, followed by a shy smile.

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“Are you going to give me a kiss too, Patti?”

“Touch her butt and she’ll do whatever you want.”

Patti blushes and laughs and says, “Shut up, Peggy.”

Brad smiles broadly, holds Patti’s arms, bends over and gives her three quick and very loud kisses on her left cheek.

“Let’s go,” Peggy says, “That’s all she’s going to get from you tonight.”

Patti’s face is red and she is breathing heavily.

“Not so fast, Peggy. You let him kiss me and now I’m ready for more.”

Patti points to the sofa. “Sit down Brad.”

Brad smiles, gives a small shrug, walks to the sofa, sits down, pats his thigh and gestures for Patti to sit on his lap.

Patti’s breathing is louder and is mixed with a loud nervous “mmmm” as walks over to sit on Brad’s lap.

As she seats herself sideways on Brad’s lap she lets out a shocked, “Oh!”

Her voice is high and trembling as she says, “I feel something hard and thick on my butt.”

Brad’s voice is low and soft in her ear. “Your sister said all I have to do is touch your butt and you’ll do whatever I want.”

“What do you want me to do?”

This story continues at – On Brad’s Lap

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