Kaila, Kitty Jane And Lorena, Comic Dick Licking & Spanked Girls

Very pretty auburn haired Kaila shows her nipple through her hair.

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Naked pretty girls Kitty Jane and Lorena are eyeing each other on a white rug.

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In these two comic panels a girl is finger fucked by a guy in the back seat of a car and then she licks his dick.

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Two girls with their skirts pulled up and their panties showing are lying across two other girls laps and are getting spanked.

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Laura, Suck Dick Comic & Mia Bliss

Laura is a nude model with long platinum blond hair.

Pretty platinum blonde Laura is a new FEMJOY girl.

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In two comic panels a girl with an exposed breast looks at a hard penis and another girl is putting a penis in her mouth. These comic girls suck dick.

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Mia Bliss is naked and bent over backward.
Mia Bliss is a serious contortionist and cocksucker.

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Lesbians: Bound and Unrestrained


A totally nude red head is strapped down on her knees and elbows as a lesbian lifts a whip over her ass.

She’s strapped down for a whipping and she ends up getting fucked by a strapped-on dildo.

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In this black and white cartoon of lesbians in stockings one lesbian chokes another lesbian who is handcuffed inside an automobile.

These are two full color cartoons of nude women with their breasts being fondled.


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Three lesbians are on a couch and one of them has her legs up in the air as she pulls her panties off.
Lesbians are on a couch and one is topless and another is wearing panties.John B. Root has thoughtfully provided a group of video clips of unrestrained wild Explicite Art lesbians.


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Alyssa Branch Blows & Rylie Restrained

Auburn haired cutie Alyssa Branch drools saliva.

Alyssa Branch has a slobber problem.

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A nude blonde is in hands and feet restraints with a red ball in her mouth as a redhead in latex bra, panties and garters stands between her legs.
Rylie Richman has quite a few problems.

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In this realistic comic panel a young woman sucks a man's penis as another man fucks her from behind.
This realistic cartoon girl doesn’t seem to have a problem sucking cock as she gets fucked doggy style.

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Indigo Augustine is standing nude showing the tattoos on her bare butt.

Indigo Augustine has no problem at all showing her bare ass in her parent’s house.

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